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The Delos Wellness Bus Plan

The Delos Wellness Business Plan

The Delos Wellness Business Plan is a step by step Plan to bring about a wellness revolution.

Step One    -  It All Starts here! Getting you really involved, like your life depends on it!
Step Two    -  Learning what to learn to balance your Life Alorythm Expression
Step Three -  Organization
Step Four   -  What We need
Step Five    -  Make a mini tour seeking endorcements
Step Six      -  Reprepare Marketing Strategy, Materials, and Efforts
Step Seven - Prepare Seminars, Concerts, Lectures, Book Signings - Materials & Crew
Step Eight  -  Build Wellness Treatment Rooms of the Future
Step Nine   -  Train Therapists  & Instructors   -   Continuing Education Programs  -  Seek Contracts   -   Deliver Franchises
Step Ten    -   Open Training Sights and The Worldwide Development of Medical Wellness Centers - Delos Wellness Centers