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Attention Investors:   Mr. Kenny Owens will take applications from potential Investors.

He is a man, "a trillionare" of innovative Ideas, discoveries and invention.
and is currently seeking three types of Investors:

1)  Angel Executive Investor
      One who gets excited behind the Incorporation and planning of this Noble Corporate
Enterprise and wants to be involved from the Beginning of the World Class Effort to Bring
Wellness to the human race.

2)   Executive Visionary Investor
       For the Visionary man or woman who realizes the neccessity for the Foundations and LLC
as well as participate in the Corporation and Subsidiaries

 3)   Archangel Executive Visionary Investor
       For the Extraordinay Visionary man or woman who realizes The Delos Wellness Vision
is The Next Big Idea, whos Time has Come, A Wellness Revolution, a Andrew Carnegie,
Napoleon Hill, Dr. Martin Luther King approach to achieving Personal Wellness and
Renewing the American Culture.

Delos Wellness Centers  - The biggest name in wellness!
The Wellness of the future - TODAY!