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KJO Interests LLC

This LLC will Rise from Obscurity to World Domination with its Groundbreaking
Revolutionary Technologies. The 1st Trillion Dollar Market Cap Company

Seeking "Archangel" Visionary Investors to Create 26,000 Businesses
To Join The Prosperity Revolution

Announcing -  It Starts with Us -  Achieving True Wellness
The Partnership for a Healthy America
                      Kenny J Owens Interests LLC
                      The Delos Corporation
                      The Delos Foundation

                             The Mastermind Alliance Formation

The Dr. King - Andrew Carnegie - Napoleon Hill Mastermind Approach in the
Domains of Wellness and Social, Athletic & Academic Well-Being

This Mastermind Group will create the detailed Plans for each Business
Organize Entities & Partners/Contacts Lists
Define Corporate Standards
Development Lab - Fabrication Shop
Mfg - Publishing - Software Development - Media Production
Design - Engineering  -  Research  -  Networking
Develop Mass Bus Plan Capability
Franchise Science
Infomercial & Marketing
Kenny Owens Personal Lab & Work Shop
Legal Document & Filings - Tradmarks, Copyrights, Patents Etc.
Services Offered List
Gear up for massive efforts
Team Development Mgt Group - Financial, Management, Advisors, Partner
Create Media - Brochures, Videos, Web, Books, Devices, Tradeshow Displays

Let's Capture the Moment!
Someone will do it! - Why not us?
If not us, then who?